Thermal Interface Material

TIM is used to transfer the heat generated from components of electronics, automobile, etc. to outside.
The general heat source has uneven surface with air gap, which interrupts the heat transfer.
Nano Thermal Interface Material removes the air gap with its high conformity reducing the air resistance leading to lower temperature on the surface.

  • NTP-TCT series

    NTP-TCT series is made of acryl resin with thermal conductive powder dispersed and mixed.
    It is available with various thickness and excellent in thermal conductivity and workability.
    Nano NTP-TNT series can also be applied with self-stick and adhesive.

  • NTP-SGseries

    NTP-SG series is manufactured by dispersing and mixing the thermal conductive powder
    to silicone resin with superior heat resistance electrical insulating properties.
    It has excellent workability by high thermal conductivity and ideal hardness, and can be applied with self-stick and adhesive.

Model SSF-N20 Series SSF-N40 Series NTP-SG Series
Characteristic Thermally conductive
Acrylic foam tape
Thermally conductive
Acrylic foam tape
(Emboss patterned)
Thermally conductive
Silicone gap pad
Available Thickness (mm) 0.25, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0 ± 10% 0.2~1.5 0.2~2.2
Thermal Conductivity
(Horizontal, W/mk)
Min. 1.0 0.6 1.5~7
Hardness (Shore 00) - - 20~80
Adhesion Strength (gf/25mm) Min. 1,000 Min. 800 -